Saturday-February 19

Saturday, February 19, 2011

It's not the easiest to see in the photo, but my once white kitchen, is now a light shade of green. Actually it's very "spring looking". It was due for some color and paint was on sale for about $18 for a gallon. Gerry only bought one gallon and still has paint left over. I was sort of hoping it would have been a darker shade, but it is what it is. Our cupboards are very outdated with the gold trim but because of the material they are made from, Gerry said they can't be refinished. By the top two doors on the left side especially, they are blackened and the finish has peeled off.I'm not sure if the cupboards match with the paint color? Any opinions?

The living room is on hold for now. There are bigger expenses involved there such as new carpet, and I'd probably get that out of town anyhow. Living in a small town such as us and you pay too much locally. Go to the city and you save quite alot. I was thinking of someday getting slip covers for the couches. It would be cheaper than a new set but anyone have these and have any opinions about them? I'd also like to replace a wooden book box with a nice ottoman. For now dreaming is free and if I find what we need at the right time, and the right price, we'll consider it.

My daughter Ria has left for Ocho Rios, Jamaica with her boyfriend, and won't be back till the first week of March.Since I love to travel, I'm always envious of anyone who goes. We'll soon have our turn in May, when we head to California. Right now airfare is a good price but Erika is waiting for tickets to the Ellen show to be available and they aren't yet. We also have our wedding that we'd like to get away for later in the year. I've got alot of plans but not alot in the bank, but we're counting on a good income tax refund, and Gerry has a bonus from his company coming in the Spring.Although I do know he also wants to build himself a new shed. I know he'd rather have a garage but the expense would be way too much, so for now, if he gets his new shed built, I'm sure he will be happy.

We've been hunting around looking for a treadmill to buy, and don't want to buy new. Seems everyone wants to buy one.It wouldn't be a hard thing to sell if you had one for sale. May have to look in the city next time we go.I really don't want to pay more than $100 and I'm looking for a motorized one.I'd love to review a treadmill but haven't had any luck with that either.I have an exercise bike but Gerry would like a treadmill I know....and I'd use it to if we had one.I got lucky with a nice exercise bike I got one year at a garage sale- only paid $20.

Well it's time to make supper. Hope you all have a nice weekend...


  1. I like the green! I know you are concerned about your outdated cupboards, but if you have paint left over, why not paint them too! I've painted mine many times now and they are not made of the greatest material either. Try removing the metallic finish with some vinegar- or at least dulling it so the paint will stick- try it out first on an inconspicuous area, like on the underside of an area at the bottom. Or a light sanding might help. Just some ideas. I've decorated many times on a shoestring budget. Love that I found your site a couple of weeks ago. It's great to read ideas from like minded people. We've been on one income for 20 years now. Now I have fibromyalgia and I don't think I could hold a job if I had to. We make things work here.Nice to meet you ~GA Peach

  2. Thank you for the email- nice to have you along.
    My mom also has Fibro and is 65 in a few days. She suffers with it alot. If you would like, I could give you her email- I'm sure she would love to talk with you about it.
    About the cupboards- they are not real wood- they are plastic and Gerry said paint would not stick.Thanks for the suggestion.
    We are always looking for a "cheaper" way to do things.Even with our holidays we are lucky to find sponsers that we can review attractions for, saving us alot of money there as well.

  3. Sorry about the cupboards. Maybe you could find some new ones at a salvage place.
    I would love to talk to your mom. Sorry to hear she has Fibro as well, but I would welcome anything she has to offer about dealing with it. My email is down roads less traveled at gmail dot com . No spaces though and of course use the @ and the . You probably already knew that though, just trying to cut down on the spam.

  4. We are small town so no salvage place- but the city is good place to think about-thanks.
    I have passed your email to mom- her name is Cynthia Fedak.


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