How To Get The Best Deals On Laser Eye Surgery

Friday, February 18, 2011

Laser eye surgery has now corrected the eye sight of over 5 million people throughout the world. If you are someone who relies on glasses or contact lenses, then you have probably almost certainly considered having laser vision correction. For some people deciding to have laser eye surgery is based purely on a financial basis, whereas for others they are more concerned with the laser eye surgery risks.

Laser eye surgery is now considered extremely safe and complication rates are at an all time low. When deciding whether laser eye surgery is worth the financial outlay it may be worth calculating your annual spend on glasses and contact lenses. If for example you spend an average of $500 per year on glasses and contact lenses and your laser eye surgery is going to cost you $5000, then you will have recouped the money in 10 years. In addition to this you will have also had the benefit of perfect eye sight during that 10 year period!

Laser eye surgery cost will vary from clinic to clinic and depending on what type of laser eye surgery you are having. The following lists my top 5 tips to help you save money on laser eye surgery:

1. Stick with your glasses or contact lenses: The likelihood is that laser eye surgery will continue to reduce in price over the next 5 years, so you could just stick with your glasses or lenses till then.
2. Go for standard laser eye surgery: For most people the standard laser eye surgery procedure will produce just as good results as the premium options of Intralase and Wavefront. This is especially the case if your prescription is not too high and you have small pupils. Ask the surgeon what your chances are of achieving 20:20 vision with the standard procedure based on your prescription and compare this with the premium treatments. You can then decide whether the additional cost is worth it. Having Intralase and Wavefront could add up to $2000 on to your treatment price.
3. Have multiple laser eye surgery consultations: This will ensure that you can compare the prices from a few different clinics. Tell the clinics that you are having multiple consultations as they will then offer you the best price to try to persuade you to have laser eye surgery with them.
4. Be flexible with surgery dates: If you are able to have surgery at short notice you may get further discount on your treatment price. Clinics like to have a full surgery list as this is most cost effective for them. If someone cancels and they have a spare slot they will be keen to fill it.
5. Don’t agree to surgery straightaway: Never agree to have surgery on the day of your consultation as they are likely to phone you up later to offer you a cheaper price. Tell them on the day that you are going to go away and think about it.

Having offered these tips on saving money it is still worth mentioning that the most important thing when deciding on laser eye surgery is to choose a clinic and surgeon who you feel most comfortable with. Most people would be happy to be an extra few hundred dollars if you felt certain you were getting the best chance of achieving 20:20 vision. Make sure you fully research everything about laser eye surgery before you agree to have the surgery as that way you will be fully prepared.


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