Redecorating Your Living Room on a Budget

Friday, February 25, 2011

Whether you’re feeling the crunch of the ongoing recession or you’re staying afloat just fine, this is no time to be throwing away dough like it’s going out of style. Even if you’re not keeping count of every red cent, you probably still have a budget in mind to keep you from going overboard and unnecessarily blowing through your entire savings. In truth, redecorating your living room is bound to be less expensive than other areas of the house (one huge bonus: no plumbing!). But you could still spend a lot on designer furnishings, hardwood flooring, an overhaul of the fireplace, and some major upgrades to the entertainment center. So if you’re looking to create the living room of your dreams for less, here are a few good ways to get it done under budget.

The place to start is with the flooring and walls. Believe it or not, you can actually get the uber-expensive hardwoods you’ve got your eye on for a fraction of the cost if you can manage to find them reclaimed. There are a lot of vendors who make it their business to harvest hardwood planks in good condition from houses being torn down (or dealers with overstock). They may even refurbish damaged wood to resell. This is a great deal that has the added bonus of less deforestation. Of course, you could also go with one of the many attractive laminates now on the market (less cost plus a warranty). And faux stone is also a great way to get the best for less (or at least the look).

As for a new coat of paint to spice up your space and make a dramatic difference, you can save money here, as well. For one thing, you can probably do the labor yourself and save a bundle. Just about anyone can swing a roller. But if you want to cut back on the cost of materials, simply opt for an all-in-one can that provides the primer right in the paint. You might be thinking that the price of this can is actually more than regular paint, but when you consider that you’d have to get a gallon of primer and a gallon of paint, you’ll see that you’re paying less (and saving a lot of time, to boot, since you can do two coats of all-in-one for the same results as one coat of primer and two coats of paint).

Now that you’ve got the staging installed, it’s time to fill your space. If you only replace one piece of furniture, you should think about getting a new couch. This key element is the centerpiece of your living space, so you need it to be suitable. It should not only fit the needs of your family (comfort, size, durability, etc.), it should also match your personal style and the style of your space since it is the focal point and first impression. Accent pieces (chairs, tables, and accessories) are secondary, so if you’ve got a limited budget, find the right couch or even a leather sectional and leave the rest for later.

Kyle Simpson writes for Sofas and Sectionals where you can find an assortment of high end furniture by brands like Palliser and Berkline.

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