How to Surprise and Impress with Valentine's Day Gift Baskets

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

You want to send a very special message this Valentine's Day. Your loved one means so much to you that you—allow a retailer to determine what is in the gift basket? No, absolutely not. He or she means so much that you want a personal touch. You want something that matches both his or her personality and sends just the right message. You make your own Valentine's Day gift basket.

Whether a box or a basket, try something non-traditional. Pink for girls and blue for boys really did go by the wayside when they hit 18 years old. Use the traditional gender and Valentine's Day colors to complement—not anchor color coordination.

Find a cute basket, a classy container, or even repurpose something else and fill it with goodies. Try using something he or she can reuse in a practical way. Filling something like a shower basket, a beach bag, a desktop organizer, or even a workout bag with gifts and treats is a fun and practical way to add to the gift.

Bold red or classy black decorations, gold highlights and ribbon accents tell the receiver that you are not a lemming—that you are a leader, not a follower, and you see him or her in the same light. She's not run-of-the-mill, and he's in a class of his own.

Personalize Outside Tradition
Try to tailor your gift basket to match his or her personality with the message you want to send.

For him, what is his personality? Is he outgoing or introverted? Does he prefer rowdy sports over the quiet of fishing? Try novelty gifts or things he has wanted but hasn't gotten for himself. Add a touch of chocolate or a favored candy in the basket to appeal to the holiday's tradition.

Ladies, if your guy is actually a fisherman, give him silk stockings along with a spinner or two. One pair is good. If he saves them—along with the garter you include, then romance is in the air. If he knows he can use those stockings as bait bags, he'll still remember receiving them, and he'll probably remember the garter he still has stashed away somewhere. He'll certainly remember you every time he cuts a new bait bag—guaranteed.

For her, is she a shopaholic? If so, don't take the easy way out and get her gift certificates. A fun idea is to go with her to her favorite store and foot the bill for a mini shopping spree. You'll get to spend time together and she can pick out something she loves. Every time she looks at it or wears it she'll remember that special Valentine's Day date.

If you'd rather surprise her with a gift, pick out something special from her favorite store and take off the price tag but subtly leave on the store tag. If perfume truly is the epitome of your Valentine's Day shopping, make it extravagant and exotic—definitely not something she'd ever get for herself.

If she's more practical-minded, fellas, don't think that a vacuum cleaner is quite all right. Think outside the packing box and still get her something she'd never get for herself. What about a weekend at a spa—that everything-under-the-sun-and-stars package? Pamper her. She deserves it, yes?

Give her a set of I.O.U. cards—one for each month of the year. Undated, she can 'remit' one card when she wishes. One can allow for a girls-night-out, no questions asked. One can provide her with breakfast in bed for the month. One could be for house-keeping services. You get the idea. I.O.U. cards provide an “I Love You” reminder all year round.

Tradition Exists for a Reason
If you're both enjoy honoring traditions, high-quality, delectable food, wine or cheese baskets are lovely gifts. Gourmet meats and cheeses, complemented by a divine wine or light champagne—especially when shared by two, can both soothe and whet appetites. Include upper quality chocolates, low candles, and soft music, and who knows where the night will end?

Ladies and gentlemen, tradition is great, but don't be afraid of starting traditions of your own, if you wish. After all, traditions start somewhere, don't they?

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