Friday-February 11

Friday, February 11, 2011

Sometimes I'm not sure where the time goes. I keep so busy with writing, reviews and sifting through offers and ideas to post, that I don't always get a chance to share our life as often as I'd like. Little tidbits that I'd like to share get pushed aside and then another day passes. So, I just wanted to sharesome highlights of the past week with you.

-Usually I pay $60+ to have my roots done at the salon. They do minimal as it is for that price. I go every 2 months so try to hold off as long as possible.Last time I went they wanted me to try something new.It was a Wella roots touch up. It only costed me $25 and seems to be no different than when they used foils.This is a brush on method. Faster and cheaper!

-Ria,( my oldest) is off to Jamaica with her boyfriend on the 18th. She is quite excited as she worked hard all last year and didn't get the chance to go anywhere.She'll be gone over a week and we will be going to her place to look after her 3 ferrets.

-I recieved a call last night from Campbell's soup. I won a $700 cookware set. They were giving away 35 sets.This was a mail in contest. Ria is already talking about geting my Emeril set-that set also won in a contest a few years back.

-Will be going out fo supper for Valentine's Day next week. Have a $13 credit voucher from a local hotel that discontinued a points program they had, and paid out points in a dollar amount voucher to their restaurant.That $13 will pay for my meal.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!


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