5 Money Saving Tips For Love Struck Valentine's

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

It’s easy to get carried away at Valentine’s Day as you strive to show your better half how much they mean to you. The collective cost of cards, flowers, chocolates, champagne, eating out or even getting away for the weekend can have you reaching for the credit card or dipping into your savings account!

But you don’t need to break the bank to Valentine’s Day special for the special one in your life. Take a look at some of our money saving tips to see how you can be romantic at a reduced rate!

Make a great night out a great night in

The start of the year is a particularly bad time for those in the restaurant business as many people try to tighten their belts both figuratively and literally, through saving money and undertaking the annual new year health kick. So many in the trade see Valentine’s Day as the perfect time to claw back some business with special, often overpriced, menus designed to tug at romantic heartstrings.

So a good way to save money and also retain that amorous air is to turn your dining room into a romantic restaurant. Of course, you’ll have to act as chef, waiter and Maitre d’ but this means that you get to choose exactly what you and your partner get to eat and drink and you can choose the right music and lighting to set the mood. More importantly, this also means that you will have a great Valentine’s meal at a fraction of the cost – and the fact that you have put in all those personal touches should definitely earn you some extra points with your partner!

Have a little night out and a big night in

If you want to make the evening a little more out of the ordinary or you simply have to get out of the house then it may be a good idea to meet your partner at a bistro or cocktail bar for drinks. Even if you and your partner live together, there’s no reason why you can’t both get ready at separate times and arrange to meet at your favorite bar. This will make the night more like a date and add a little excitement to the night and you can simply have a couple of drinks together before going back home for that romantic, candle-lit meal. And in limiting your night ‘out’ to just a couple of drinks and preparing a meal at home you will save a fair amount of money!

Let music be the food of love

A good idea for a cheap (potentially free) but very effective Valentine’s day gift is to make a compilation CD - or cassette if you’re really old skool! This means that you can load a CD, or even their mp3 player, with you and your partner’s favorite songs or tracks that mean something to you both. There’s nothing quite like a record to make the memories of a particular time or place come flooding back! And you could even use the compilation to set the mood as you serve up your romantic meal!

Less could well be more

As with those in the restaurant industry, florists also see Valentine’s Day as a good time to make up for the leaner times of year and so will make up expensive, ready-made bouquets to tempt those last minute shoppers. But instead of going for that expensive bunch of roses, maybe go for the less-is-more approach and just buy a single red rose. Then if this is presented to your other half along with, say, breakfast in bed, then the effect will probably be even better than if you turned up with a massive bunch of flowers. It’s all about the thought and effort that goes into it!

Make a special delivery

If breakfast in bed isn’t your thing then maybe you could surprise your other half with a special delivery to their workplace. Turning up in the middle of the day armed with that single red rose will make a great romantic statement and can really start to build the anticipation for evening ahead.

The thing to remember is that it’s often the little things that make all the difference. Anyone can go out and spend fortunes without even thinking about it but you don’t have to break the bank to make your Valentine feel special as a little thought often goes a long way.

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