Saturday, February 12

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentine's Day arrived here early yesterday...Gerry had brought home a card and this beautiful arrangement, but had kept it hidden in the porch for a while, as he came home to hearing me on the phone with some upsetting news. Our daughter Erika(18), who lives in Calgary, going to school there, had something happen to her called spontaneus pneumothorax.I had to call her step mom and let them know what had happened, as well as other members of our family.

She had been having problems breathing over the last few days and pressure on her chest ws bothering her.She thought it was a type of cold or cough.I told her to get some vapor rub for her chest and neck but to see the school nurse about it the next day.She did that and one thing led to the next with x-rays, etc..Next thing we heard, was that basically her lung had partially collapsed, and they needed to put her under and get a tube in her to inflate it. It was a few trying hours with grief and prayers yesterday,but as it is now, she still has the tube in and they are keeping an eye on it.We wish we could be there for her but we are 10-12 hours away and have been keeping in touch with phone calls. She's in good spirits though and currently waiting on more xrays.You can read more on pneumthorax from the above link I provided.

On another note, if there are any bloggers with health related web sites that allow guest postings, I'd love to hear from you since I've been writing some articles on a variety of health topics.

Off to make some lunch as Gerry will be home soon. He went into work for some overtime today and catch-up at the office, and doing some errands.Saturday for me is house cleaning day.

Everyone have a good one....


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