Review: Sifto® Xtreme Performance® Ice Melter

Friday, February 11, 2011

In the winter we're all concerned when it comes to ice and slipping. I'm a firm believer of laying down ice melt and preventing slips and falls.
We recieved a bag of the Sifto® Xtreme Performance® Ice Melter to try and love it. We'll be going to my gramma's as well and spreading some down for her too, as she always has some bad spots coming up her walkway that one really has to be extra careful. Seems like we do too- anywhere particular where we get more melting and freezing. Thanks Sifto for providing a feeling of safety beneath our feet!

Ice and snow melt the moment they come in contact with Xtreme Performance, which offers one of the lowest melting temperatures available. A powerful, self-initiating chemical reaction generates heat, so melting occurs even in exceptionally cold weather. Highly visible blue crystals help you apply this ice melter evenly and efficiently, saving both time and money, yet it doesn't stain carpets or floors.

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