Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Project in the Works

We've had been talking about adding a screened in porch to our back deck for the last couple of years, so tonight Gerry started pulling the deck apart.He's going to make the deck higher and bigger, but that might be all we'll do this year. After all, we just re-did the skirting on the trailer, had the roof re-done, and a few other smaller projects done. 

We find the bugs are so bad at times that it would be nice to be able to just come outside and not have to share the deck with them,but at the same time enjoy the outdoors. Also thought it would be nice to have a lounge chair in there and take a nap.

So, instead of just talking about it, Gerry begun work on it tonight- tearing away at the boards. 

Of course Jake had to get in there and once the bottom was pulled off, he was in there exploring like a little boy and getting all dirty and full of cob webs!


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