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Thursday, July 5, 2012

My mom has 5 cats and they keep her quite busy! They don't all get along so she has to break up fights alot of times and keep some of them separate from the others. She has taken in strays and SPCA cats over the years, and once had 6 cats! They all have their own personalities and value their own space when they need to get away from it all.

When designing a space in your home it is important to consider the needs of your cat companion.  From a cozy, quiet resting area to indoor entertainment there are many elements to consider.  Knowing how passionate cat owners are, Purina is offering Canadians the chance to win a 2-night trip to Toronto, and $10K feline-friendly room makeover designed by well-known designers and animal lovers, Steven & Chris.  Visit, and enter daily for the best chance to WIN!

Whether or not you win a room makeover, Steven & Chris share their style tips on designing your home with your cute and cuddly cat in mind!

A Place For Your Cat to Hang Her Hat
Creating a safe and secure environment for your indoor cat will promote good physical and mental health. Provide your prince or princess with a bed in a private area or corner. Remember cats love soft textures, so look for cushions or throws that enhance the colour of your room.

Perches: In High Places
Cats are curious by nature, and love to climb and hide in high places.  Feed their curiosity by building or buying a perch to climb. Perches can be fashionable as well as functional by adding colour with patterned fabric and coloured cushions.

Be sure to keep the perch away from furniture holding breakables.  It is a cat’s nature to jump and explore so it’s important to keep them away from anything that can potentially harm them.  

If you have an older cat, consider purchasing a stylish stool or bench to help with those first couple of steps.

To Scratch or Not to Scratch
A scratching area is a must for cats as scratching leaves scent marks and helps them mark their territory. Keep your cat content by offering multiple scratching areas. Place scratch posts by couches and chairs, or anything else that may temp them. To make the scratch pads irresistible sprinkle with cat nip on a weekly basis.  Scratching is also great for stretching muscles, so at least one scratching post must be tall enough to give kitty a good stretch!   Keep scratch posts neutral colour so they blend in with your décor. A simple vertical scratch pad can be made out of left over carpeting. That way it gives your kitty a stretch and matches the room’s décor.

Indoor Entertainment
Keeping an indoor cat entertained is easy when armed with the right tools:
o    Place a couch, chair, perch or shelf in front of a window so they can watch the world around them.
§  Make outdoor scenery more exciting by hanging a bird feeder or plant flowers outside windows to attract bees and butterflies. All the action will keep your kitty amused for hours.
o    To keep them active indoors use toys to encourage your cat to stalk and pounce, or chase. 
o    Toys don’t have to be expensive! Designer gift bags or pretty wrapping can also give your cat hours of fun. They love the sound of rustling paper under their feet – so be sure to put the gift wrap from your last birthday party.
o    Hide treats or food in unusual places to encourage hunting and foraging and keep kitty on alert.

Where’s the ladies room?
Cats are fastidious about having a clean litter box, so be sure to scoop it daily and wash it out once a week, with soap and water. Place the litter box in a safe, private place. It’s important your cat not be disturbed when using her potty to ensure a positive litter box experience. If the litter box is in an area where it is readily seen, you can make it look nice by putting a flat, non-lumpy, carpet underneath it. Uncovered litter boxes with high sides are recommended and can be decorated to blend in with the surrounding! Have at least one large litter box per cat, and even an extra one, if possible.  And remember: a good scooper is important too.

Dinner is Served!
Indoor cats eat smaller, more frequent meals, and drink water over the course of the day, so make sure both food and water bowls are maintained. You should follow the feeding guidelines on pack for the amount of food to feed daily, to keep precious friend from getting too heavy. Wide open bowls allow more room for your cat’s whiskers.  Also – if you feed your cat wet cat food, like Friskies, don’t leave it out all day, as it will dry out.

For cat snacks provide your cat with cat grass or cat nip to nibble on. Make it aesthetically pleasing but placing in a pretty planter.

You can also spruce up the look of your cat’s eating area. There are great place mats (plastic and fabric) on the market that can be used under your cat’s food and water bowls. And you don’t have to stick to pet food store dishes either.. Many human bowls and small plates that are decorative can be used. Look in the areas where outdoor dishes are sold. There are many in colour schemes to choose from that are affordable!

For more great tips and to enter for a chance to win a room makeover visit

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