Review: Tropiclean : Fresh Breath for Your Pet

Monday, July 23, 2012

Dogs are a mans best friend but they can also be the mans most smelliest friend.

Dogs breath can go through many stages in its life, starting from the wonderful puppy breath for the first few months of life and ending on the so called foul dog breath that some dogs can be very prone to. Sometimes no matter the quality of diet that you feed you pet you cant change its breath, until now. 

Tropiclean Fresh Breath is a great variety of products that can give your dog great breath with no brushng required! You can simply use fresh breath chews as a delicious treat, add a bit of an awesome water additive to your pets water bowl, or even spray a bit of the floss solution on the pets favourite toy, and they can clean their teeth as they chew. 

These products are great, over 93% of users saw cleaner teeth within 2 weeks of use. Since oral care is an important part of overall health, Tropiclean can be a valbuable tool in helping your dog or cat lead healthy and happy lives.

Jake didn't mind the water additive that I added to his water dish,nor did he mind me spraying the rope ball with the spray, but he didn't want me putting anything in his mouth- foam or tooth gel. My daughter's boyfriend's parents however, had no problems with using these for their dog. I guess it would depend on the dog and possibly getting them used to it. I personally didn't want it to become a battle with Jake, so I let him be and used the other products that did work with him.

Overall, I think these are good products to help with dog or cat dental hygiene.

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