Friday-July 20

Friday, July 20, 2012

Contractors were here most of the day today working on the roof. We are getting it fixed as well as replacing all the shingles.It's thrown all of us off our regular schedules, including the dog.
Will be nice when it's done, but looks like it will be another day tommorow of working on it.
Cost has been about $4,000 - which is for labor and materials. Gerry had been helping them all day today as well. So being out there from 8 am this morning to 9 pm tonight, it's been a long day for him.

On another note ,I was out walking down the back lane yesterday with Jake, when a large dog darted out from next door, and took hold of him with his teeth, encompassing his whole back. I thought he was  done for, but luckily the owner was also in the yard, heard the yelping and came out. Jake was not hurt but I think everyone was shaken up.Am leery now about walking by that yard.

My daughter Ria had someone drop her off a baby raccoon at the petting zoo where she works the other day, so she had that over here in its cage last night. I didn't want Jake to get too close and mingling with it as I worry about wildlife diseases, but she did have it out for a photo opp. Apparently, the mother was hit by a car and died.Conservation was called and Ria is  looking for a sanctuary home for it so it doesn't have to be destroyed.We are all hoping for the best with that.



  1. My mom's little jack russell got attacked walking down the street by another dog and it was very scary. I agree that you should avoid that yard because who knows what would have happened if the owner wasn't there. Some dogs really shouldn't be off a leash.

  2. Yes, I am very cautious now of that yard and other yards where I think there may be a dog. My mom told me a lady from the kennels told her it's not uncommon for a bigger dog to attack a little dog. Was your mom's dog on a leash with her walking it as well?


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