Kellogg’s- A Great Part of Breakfast

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Kellogg’s is known as the maker of popular breakfast cereals including Mini-Wheats, Special K, Rice Krispies, and Frosted Flakes among many, many others. It is also the maker of other breakfast staples such as Eggo waffles and delicious bars including All Bran, and Fibre Plus . There is much more to the company then their huge array of products. 

Kellogg's has been a name I still remember as a kid growing up. One of my favorite cereals of theirs was Frosted Flakes.I ate it as a morning cereal, as a snack, dry, and when I got older, I even made a few  Frosted Flakes recipes using it.Who doesn't know it's famous tiger- Tony, who became a household name is 1951.

The company was started in 1898 by the Kellogg brothers who accidently discovered the recipe for flaked corn. As the company grew so did its array of products.

In 1930’s the W.K Kellogg foundation was started with the mission to help children realize their potential. Each year the company donates tens of millions of dollars in cash as well as tens of millions of dollars in breakfast to children in need so that they can succeed. With its wonderful tradition of giving, as well as great products, Kellogg’s is a tasty and ethical part of the breakfast table.

I am now a blogger for the Kellogg's Network and look forward to sharing with you our views on  their newest cereals and snacks.More to come!

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