This Is How We're Beating the Heat

Monday, July 9, 2012

I should actually say, "this is how the heat is beating us!".

Although I am happy to say we aren't getting some of the record breaking temps in other parts of the country is getting, us northern folks are still getting drained by summer's sun.I don't feel like doing anything most days.I'm drained before the day even starts.My afternoon walk has turned into a morning walk because it's just too darn hot after lunch to go walking.

With the new dog, we are finding we are running the air conditioner a bit more than we usually do, just to keep him comfy.We run one for the guinea pigs too in Erika's old room. Not steady, but off and on, just to perk them up.Without it, they are lifeless.

How is summer treating everyone though. Do you get out in the heat as much as you can, or stay indoors with the air conditioner on?



  1. it's ridiculously and unbearably hot here too! I wish I could take a nap.

  2. Some days, it's been almost unbearably hot with the humidity here in WPG! It's very much stay inside during the day with the AC on or if possible a trip to the beach to cool down!


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