Monday, September 1, 2014

Classic Raspberry Crisp Recipe

Seems like the season is over for the raspberries we had in the yard. Even the wild blueberries we saw on the rocks around our place, and that Gerry picked while out quad-ding, are now done for the year.
I gave some to mom and Ria this summer, Gerry ate with cereal throughout the summer, and we did save some to freeze. The fruit trees grow wild in the yard.

The other day I baked an 8x8 pan of Classic Raspberry Crisp. Gerry said it was yummy! Always nice to have Pinterest to turn to to search for great recipes to try.

                                                                    Pre- baked

                                                                     All done!


Thompson's Helps to Revive Our Decks

With the summer almost behind us, now is a great time to start thinking about preparing your outdoor space for the next season. Thompson's Heavy Duty Deck Cleaner and Thompson's Water Seal Waterproofing Stain Solid are two great products that go hand in hand in preparing your deck and patio for another great season ahead.

With the long weekend weather not being too bad this weekend, Gerry was able to get both the front and back decks scrubbed with the deck cleaner, and stained.

The waterproofing stains come in a variety of shades and provide great protection for your wood until next season, protecting against water damage. 

You should always  prep your deck with a heavy duty cleaner which removes weathered waterproofs and semi transparent stains, allowing for proofing products to work better. It sure made a difference, and really made our front and back decks looking like new once again!