Monday, September 22, 2014

Review: Dust Off

Falcon Safety Products, Inc. is the world’s leading manufacturer and marketer of compressed-gas products, including the leading brand of consumer electronics cleaning accessories, the one and original Dust-Off®.
Since the introduction of the computer duster in the 1970’s, Falcon has remained focused on this growing niche category.
Fighting the build-up of dirt, dust and other contaminants in and around the home.

Our reviewer Cynthia says:

I love the product, "Dust Off"....I am an avid sewer and quilter, plus I have four cats, so my house is always getting fur, dust or lint.  I use Dust Off on my sensitive computer sewing machines to clean lint and dust in the bobbins without any worry of it damaging the parts.  It is the best way to clean out the small spaces that my fingers can't reach.  I also like this product for my computer cats are famous for jumping on my desk and so their fur in always inbetween the keys in my keyboard.  I have a printer also, and lots of other delicate products, which I trust 100% WITH Dust Off.  It does what it says it does....dust off.

My own opinion of Dust Off:

I liked using Dust Off to get spots where I know it's not easy to get dust out of, and must say it can be addictive once you start using it and cleaning all the spots where dust settles in!

Back Home!

Well, we made it back home a day ago. I had off and on internet service while travelling, so my posts weren't as regular as I wanted them to be. The turbo stick didn't always pick up a Bell signal, and some areas just didn't have internet service as well. Especially find that when in National Parks. I guess what I had was better than nothing, but just would have liked to be more regular with posts and connecting.

On Day 5 we left lake Louise, and had to just head through Banff. Wanted to stop in town, but with the RV being so big, and the town being so small, we just weren't able to find a spot to park. Most frustrating. The good thing was that at least we had been there before a few times in our past, so wasn't a total letdown.After leaving Banff, we drove to Calgary to take Jon ,( Erika's bf, his winter tires and go for a quick visit) Frustrated here as well, while in the city- as once again, we needed to get gas and most places it is hard to get a big RV that's 34' into small spots. Jakey tends to get restless once we stop too, anxious to get out, even though we stop quite a bit for him. But while in Calgary we were able to also go with Erika, Jon and their dog and Jakey, to the dog park, so Jakey did get some off leash exercise. 

We left Calgary at 6 pm. Gerry wanted to drive as much as he could so we got into Cereal, Alberta at about midnight. We were the only ones in this small campground.Then about 5 am some guy in a truck pulled in and was sleeping in his truck, then squealed out at about 10 am.. Was a bit unnerving not knowing who this guy was in the campground with us, and his truck running. Almost makes you want to sleep with one eye open! Once he left, I felt better, and we took Jakey out for a walk around. 

Then headed to Prince Albert, Sk.. Since we wanted to get some things done there and it was a Saturday with stores closing early, we never got everything done we needed to, so will probably be looking at another trip back there in the next few weeks.

The trip expenses looked like this:
Gas: $1258 for 5 days
Food: $64
Camping/ Park fees: $120
Total: $1442

We figured it would have costed more by flying in, car rental, truck left at airport, dog to kennels, hotels, etc..

On another note, we have sold our skidoo- $4200 we are getting for it, which will go on our credit line. Suppose to be picked up this week. Now we are trying to sell the truck, get something that is smaller and less costly in payments and to run.

Till next time....