Thursday, May 21, 2015

Kellogg's Canada Brings Back Premiums in SMP of Kellogg's Cereals

Remember a time when opening a box of cereal brought the excitement of finding a surprise inside? It was thrilling and adventurous—like going on a treasure hunt at the breakfast table.

This spring, Canadian families can experience that delight again as they open specially-marked, family-size boxes of Kellogg’s cereal with one of five collectible Cereal & Milk Spoon Straws inside! Each spoon straw features a beloved Kellogg’s character and will bring a little more FUN to breakfast. 

I love the spoon and straw idea for kids for their cereal. I remember as a kid I used to either eat the cereal dry right out of the box, or as a kid your always using a straw to blow bubbles in something liquid.  I do hope that Kellogg's Canada will continue offering premiums in their cereals. As a kid I remembered when mom would bring food and cleaning products home that would contain a little surprise in them. I always wanted to be the one to open the box right away and dig it out! Oh the good 'ole days! Let's bring that back again!

Review: His and Hers Sanuk Sidewalk Surfers (Canada)

Have you heard of Sanuks? We're big fans of their shoes. And one kind of shoe that they sell are called the Sidewalk Surfers. The Sidewalk Surfers are a true shoe and sandal hybrid. They're a slip ons and very comfortable - like walking outdoors in your bedroom slippers. Them being lightweight, makes them perfect for your Spring/ Summer shoe. Gerry and I each have reviewed them on occasion and really love them. So do our"adult kids"- who have their own pairs as well I know we're in style!

                                            ( Gerry's Sanuks)

                                                                 ( My Sanuks)
Sidewalk Surfers are so stylish though, that they can be worn with any outfit. That's because they come in a variety of designs, colors and sizes. Once you try a pair for yourself, you'll be able to buy them for the whole family, since they come in men’s, women’s and kid's sizes. I might add too that their also very durable!

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