Monday, May 28, 2012

NEW- The Request Page

I've decided to make a new entry for your requests. My mom had this idea, so mom, this one is for you.
If there is anything you are looking for- perhaps a recipe, coupons for cat food, books,etc., you can post here in the comments what you are looking for.
Please be sure to list your email address and first name so that readers can email you directly.
Comment Page :


Katy said...

Ooo, such a great idea! I guess I will start!

We just got a new kitty this weekend, so I am looking for kitty coupons. For any item really. I've been searching online and haven't found many.


Katy said...

And sorry, US coupons, I didn't even think to include that. Thanks all!


Monique said...

I am looking for Canadian Campbell soup labels for daughter's daycare fundraising as well as any Canadian cents off coupon , contest forms or pin#s you aren't using.
My mom is wanting to be added to any catalog mailing lists- so if you get mailorder catalogs that you can put her name and address on, please email me for her address. She's especially interested in any stationery ones, and crafts. Please email me privately for my address. Thanks!

Cynthia said...

For anyone into machine embroidery I have the websites of afew great companies whose designs are abit different than the norm. I have the Janome 10001 computer machine. These companies are all over the world, and offer great service. I download my designs off the Internet and don't have to pay shipping charges for a CD.
I live in Canada.

Monique,Gerry, Ria and Erika said...

Cynthia's email for the above post is:

Monique said...

My mom is also looking for any sources where she can get flocked iron on transfers. You can email her at

Monique said...

I am looking to be added to free magazine subscriptions you may be able to get on.
You can email me for any info you may need to enter my name for them.

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