It's Official- We're Heading to Wyoming and Montana Next Month!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Well, it's official, we've booked our travel for a short 5 day trip to Bozeman,West Yellowstone, Yellowstone and that area for the beginning of June.We can't wait to visit Montana and Wyoming!

We can't wait to see the beauty of it all and wanted to go visit before the park gets too busy. Would love to hear from anyone who has visited these areas with "must sees" and tips for other readers who have plans on visiting as well. We both love animals and nature and thought this would be the perfect place to visit!

*** Update: May 13-Gerry is still having troubles with his sprained ankle and what doctors had told him weeks ago was also a bone chip in the ankle.Going for x-rays again tommorow to see where we are at and what is happening with the ankle.

*** Update:May 31- Leaving tommorow to Saskatoon,( 6 hours from us), and flying out Saturday. Have the girls house sitting.Will post an update once we arrival in Bozeman on Saturday night.Will be flying over Denver: with a layover there. Always turbulence through that area I have found.


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