Monday, May 28, 2012

Today's Quick Tips

- If you can do a job yourself, do it yourself. Big savings to be had!

-Use cash instead of debit if you can. You'll find you are more careful with your money if you actually have it in hand and see it,rather than using plastic!

-Always ask for discount or a deal. Especially when buying bigger tickets items, but even on smaller items if you notice a snag or a mark on clothing you buy, you can ask the cashier for a discount.


  1. I've got a question for you. I agree with you on the "if you can do a job yourself, do it yourself." However, I am currently struggling with this as I could do it myself, but I dont think the quality will be as good as a professional. Where do you draw the lie between "do it yourself" and "hire a professional?"

  2. Points to consider:
    #1- your expertise in the project-are you capable of doing the work and would you be happy with your quality of work.
    #2-time-do you have the time to commit to seeing the job through
    #3-affordability-can you afford a contractor
    #4-help in completing the job-is this a job you can complete yourself or is help needed? And is help for hire or volunteer.
    #5-how big IS the job?Would you find yourself overwhelmed by the task before the task was done.
    These are factors you need to look at towards making your decision.