Bring Your Garden to Life- Sun Joe Tiller Review

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

With the lawn mowers buzzing and the smell of freshly cut grass in the air, the summer season is on its way. However, as the winter snow melts away many are discovering that neglected state of their lawn. As such people are turning to Sun Joe for their high quality, innovative and reliable products.

The Tiller Joe, Electric Garden Tiller/Cultivator is an easy way to bring your lawn back to its former glory. It is easy to push and cultivated a 14” path in one pass, best yet it requires no gas, oil or tune ups.

Gerry loves this tiller! He really had nothing negative to say about it, and said there was alot to be said about it:
-lieghtweight and easy to handle
-plenty of power and was great in our soft soil but wouldnt think it would be as good in hard soil or clay
-has a strong motor
-great value for the money
-great spacing in the handle for the hands to space apart, and the right size, even for his 5'11" height
-and a great timesaver. Last year he used the garden fork and it took him an hour compare to 5 minutes with the tiller this year. Weather has been good too so he might even start planting our seed potatoes soon!

This tiller will unleash your garden's potential.

** Please note that all opinions are our own as stated in this review.We recieved no compensation for this product only the opportunity to review.

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