How to Choose the Best Designer Sunglasses

Friday, May 11, 2012

Choosing Sunglasses for your Needs

Choosing the best designer sunglasses for your needs comes down to two basic things: form and function. Picking the perfect form is as simple as choosing the ones that look best on you, while function means getting the sunglasses that have the features you require. Which is more important? The answer is really up to you. Before settling on a pair of designer shades, decide whether you need anything special like polarized lenses, UVA and UVB protection, foam padded frames or amber-colored lenses. For example, if you will be wearing your sunglasses near the swimming pool, at the beach or on a boat, you will appreciate the way polarized sunglasses help cut the glare from the reflection of the sun on the water. If you are riding a motorcycle, you might like foam padding, wraparound frames or amber-colored lenses. On the other hand, if you don't need any special features, you can choose your sunglasses based only on which ones make you look and feel great.

Choosing Sunglasses for Special Occasions

Party people need sunglasses, too. If you are attending a New Year's Eve party, birthday party, Mardi Gras party or masquerade, there are special glasses tailor made just for you. From bright yellow lenses topped by frosty mugs of beer to pink framed glasses with dangling disco balls, there are plenty of fun options that can make you the life of the party. If you need sunglasses for a party, just remember that there's no such thing as over the top. Red heart-shaped frames with pink lenses or round black frames with silver dollar signs are just another way to say, "Let's get this party started!" Making your friends squeal with delight is just as easy as getting them party glasses, too. There's nothing better for getting the whole crew in a party mood.

Choosing Wholesale Designer Sunglasses

If you look at all the affordable designer sunglasses available from Miami Wholesale Sunglasses, you might be overwhelmed. There is an excellent variety of different brands available, and each brand has an impressive number of styles. That adds up to a staggering number of wholesale sunglasses each with features and benefits that make them special. If you have a shop, storefront, online store, kiosk or flea market booth, then you should order sunglasses wholesale by the dozen and sell them at your retail establishment. Choosing which sunglasses to sell is easier than you might think. Simply browse through the available selection and purchase the ones that you like best. Make sure you choose a variety so you have something for everyone. Chances are that your customers will appreciate the styles that you have selected. Restock the ones that sell best and replace slow-selling sunglasses, in the unlikely event that there are any, with a new style. Don't forget to make sure different parts of the population are represented. Stock some glasses that are just for children. Choose others like Locs Sunglasses that are specifically for men and a brand like Romance Sunglasses or Locas just for women.

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