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Monday, May 28, 2012

Coupon sites have been around for a while now and have helped many of us to save money on everything from groceries to vacations; and that’s why we love them! You probably have your favourite site that you go back to time and time again whether it to be to see the latest deals or to look for a coupon on a product you are going to buy anyway; that has to be the best feeling!

Most sites are pretty similar in their format and delivery of the coupons, discounts and deals. However, a new site is going to revolutionise the way people browse for the latest codes on the internet. Using its incredible software that no-one other than them will ever understand, they will know what products you are likely to want to save some money on and also show you the best deal or discount for that product rather than just the one last added to the database.

This new site, a name that is very easy to remember as well! They are building a global coupon code site that will automatically suggest codes to people that are relevant to the country they are in. This is particularly helpful for the frugal Canadians among us; we no longer have to filter through sites to find the section that applies to us, instead the codes will find us as we land on the site! This solves one of the biggest complaints many people have about coupon and discount sides, the fact that they can be difficult to navigate show you products, services, stores or even whole industry’s that you would never even consider purchasing in! Relevance and usability has to be the unique selling point of My Deals that differentiates them from the crowd.

The coupon industry has grown hugely since the 2008 economic downturn that still rumbles on today and as a result, lots of sites and code sharing networks have been set up. The trend on the use of coupon sites is most definitely upwards and it is likely that the ‘credit crunch’ and subsequent recession has actually changed consumer behaviour in a way that will mean people are likely will naturally go to find a discount before they shop even when the economy has fully recovered. The bottom line is that for as long as retailers are benefiting from people like you and me using coupons, they will offer them and we can all save!

What would you like to see from coupon sites that would help you when you are browsing for codes? Any thoughts on the future of this industry? If you want a sneek preview of the My Deals site before it goes fully live to the public, click here.

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