Getting Extra Money on the Side During College

Monday, May 21, 2012

Ironically, the years that students spend working toward that coveted college degree that will hopefully be their ticket to a career that pays well, are the years when it is hardest to make ends meet. Because students must spend most of their time in class, in the library, studying, or doing internships, they have little time to devote to a paying job. But fortunately, for students who are motivated and willing to think outside the box, there are plenty of legal ways to make extra money quickly.

There are part-time jobs out there that are tailor-made to students and that offer flexible schedules. Working at a fast-food joint may not be an ideal situation, but many of these places are open around the clock – which means a starving student could work late at night or early in the morning after their classes and studies are finished. One bonus of working at a restaurant is that employees often get free food – which is certainly a welcome perk for a starving college student! The down side of working at a fast-food job, though, is that you have to commit to a minimum number of hours on the job. And, the pay is usually just minimum wage.

If the restaurant industry is not your cup of tea, perhaps you are interested in making some extra cash while helping to benefit the greater societal good. Every day, thousands of people in hospitals across the country receive plasma infusions into their bodies. Without plasma, they would likely die. Have you ever wondered where the plasma comes from? It comes from donors who go to plasma banks, consent to having their blood drawn, and are paid for doing so. That is right, you can earn extra money by selling plasma. The benefits are that it is quick, and the pay is decent for the small amount of time it takes. It is also something that you can do on a regular basis.

Another creative way for a college student to earn extra dollars is to sign up to participate in a Utah research study. There are companies in Utah that are always looking for volunteers willing to participate in studies such as testing out new drugs or vaccines. There are many benefits to students who choose to go the research-study route to earn extra money.

First, participating in a research study usually does not take much time. Often, in addition to the compensation for being in the study, the companies that are conducting the studies will offer to pay for extras such as the expense of the gas you use to drive to the research facility. Another benefit of making money this way is that the studies usually take very little time commitment, and they are very easy. Often, all you do is take a pill and then answer a list of questions. Some research studies are conducted to test drugs that may one day be used to cure serious illnesses, so you are helping society.

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