How Grocery Stores Are Making It Even Easier to Save

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Feeding your family can be quite expensive, whether you are on a budget or not, giving your loved ones those healthy home cooked meals can take a toll on your bank account.  Luckily there are a few ways that those big business grocery stores are giving back and trying to make the task a little easier on you and your checkbook.
Smart phones

Many of the larger chain grocery stores are supplying data concerning prices and discounts to different applications available on your smart phone.  With this readily available information, you are better equipped to do your price comparisons, and without having to drive all over town.  There are apps  to help with math and price and where the best discounts are available.  By providing the data, grocery stores are taking the guess work out of shopping on a budget and putting the answers at your finger tips.

Grocery stores offer free coupons for you to use to increase your savings.  You can find these little gems in your local newspaper, at the store itself or all over the internet.  There are multiple websites offering discounts and tips on the best ways to use them.  Take the time to sort through and organize your store coupons. Use your knowledge of each stores advertised sales to shop strategically. By matching coupons with ongoing sales, you can considerably reduce your grocery bill.  Make sure to pay attention to which stores have policies that allow for the value of your coupons to be doubled or tripled and shop during these times for increased savings.

Customer Rewards
Most anywhere you shop these days you are being asked if you would like to become a member of the customer rewards program.  Grocery stores are no different.  Many corporate markets offer programs where for a certain amount spent you will receive rewards ranging from cash back to coupons specifically selected for you based on the items that you buy most often.  When you purchase your groceries and scan your rewards card, the company is tracking your purchases.  If you buy a fair amount of tea, the next time you check out, your receipt may come with coupons for those products.

Manager’s Specials
Sometimes an item may become slightly damaged in transit or while stocking or have an expiration date that is fast approaching.  Often these items will be placed in a special area and will be offered at a considerably discounted rate.  Stores offer these items up as “specials” because they APPEAR less desirable, but more often than not the products are perfectly fine and an excellent means to saving a considerable amount on items that you need.

The bottom line is that grocery stores want your business and they are offering incentives to cut your costs and keep your business.  If you pay attention to what your local market has to offer and plan your next shopping trip tactically, you can save money.

George Gallagher works to help people find not-for-profit student loan consolidation options. He works with credit unions to find the best solutions for people suffering from debt problems. He also loves to find new ways to save money and write about personal finance.

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