Wednesday-May 23

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I seemed to have lost touch again with personal posts .Only takes a minute but sometimes other things are prioritizing me I guess.

We're getting anxious about our trip next Friday. Will be alot of sightseeing more than entertainment of this trip.

This past weekend was May long weekend here in Canada,( for those readers not living in Canada).We don't camp but around here, its all about the camping and fishing once the season starts warming up. Wait! It didn't warm up this past weekend. As a matter of a fact I still have had my furnace on.I do have the clothes line up outdoors though ,( Gerry takes it down every winter), so at least I'm saving some power there and can hang on the line. I should mention our washing machine and dryer stays busy all year long, as neither of our girls have a washing machine or dryer at their apts., nor does my gramma, so everyone does their laundry here. For granny, who is 90 this year, I pick up and delivery her laundry when it's done.

Weather hasn't been the greatest but when its not too windy or calling for rain, I'm out walking.

I'm having problems with my stomach inflammation again, but only because I stopped taking my pills for a few days. I was feeling better with taking them, but after being on them 3 months, I was ready to say;" see ya". Well, that caused some problems, so now now I'm back on them again, and going back to the doctor to make an appt to at least talk with the doctor who does the endoscopes. If anyone has had one of these done, please drop me a line- I'd love to discuss it with you.

We had a load of limestone delivered today.$115 with taxes for 5 yards I believe.Using it to build up the front driveway and put some in the back yard too. Now that Gerry has a quad with a blade, it will be easy for him to spread it.

Bought some plywood, etc. this past weekend as we are starting to replace skirting around the trailer. What we have on there now is getting rotten in spots and bent out of shape in other spots.Also getting some estimates done for our roof. Gerry is hoping to buy the materials on his own and just hire someone for the labour.They are curling up there so need to be replaced we were told. With bonus money he got from the company a few months ago, it can allow us to do a few of these things.

Also looking at putting in a small kitchen window by the sink and moving the cupboards around. We need some extra light in there. Gets darker in the kitchen with little natural light in there, in the winter. We'll have to see what we can get done. So many plans though, and want to keep costs at minimum- as always.

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