5 Frugal Tips for Xmas Toy Shopping

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

This Christmas parents are looking for the hot toy that their kids will be clamoring for. The problem is that they also don’t want to spend too much money or waste it on something that won’t last before Christmas. This can be tricky; however here are some great suggestions to help parents as they hunt down the trendiest toy on a budget.

Read the consumer news and the business section of the newspaper in print and online. This is a great source of information on industry trends for toys and other gifts. You should also look at the toy store publications to see the toys they are showcasing. Pay attention to the price and look to see if there are any sales and what the discounts to be. This is information that will help you decide what to get and how much you can afford to spend.

Make purchases with lasting value. It can be easy sometimes to be suckered into buying the latest toy only to find it is a piece of junk that doesn’t last past the end of Christmas day. Since times are lean you want to make sure that the toys you get your kids can at the very least entertain them until next Christmas. Some parents are going the educational route for their younger children. They are buying learning toys that are fun and also teach their kids important skills that they need for school. It is also a good idea to buy a toy that looks durable. Toys made of recycled plastics normally fit the bill. They are also generally quite affordable.

Look for toys that make the most of your kids’ imagination. The biggest problem you can have as a parent doing holiday shopping is to get a toy that your child gets tired of pretty quickly. A good idea is to get toys that allow kids to be creative. For example getting Lego sets for your kids is a great idea because they can build anything they want. There are also some great toys coming out that allow your kids to make their own music or even video games. They are part of the Radica Ucreate line and they are reasonably priced at under $50.

Try to buy accessories to toys your children already own. This is a great way to save money and extend the enjoyment of toys from previous Christmases. For girls try getting doll houses or cars sets for their Barbie or Bratz Doll. For boys it might mean a fortress set for their GI Joe or a race track for their Hot Wheels and Match Box cars. For video game consoles it is a great idea to buy new accessories and games for the system. These are great purchases that will satisfy your kids and spare your wallet in the process.

Something else you can do is having your kids receive a letter from Santa along with their gifts. You can order the letter online for authenticity and you will be able to include what they did well this year and some of the things they wanted for Christmas. This is a great idea for children who wrote to Santa Clause. This is a great way to validate their belief in Santa and add a touching and magical finish to the Holidays.

By: Aaron Hu

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