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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I was looking through the entries today for the book giveaway,( and yes there's still time to enter!)
(, and I noticed one of the entrants was looking for fun things to do without spending alot of, or no money.It reminded me of a site I had visited in the past called: Discover Fun.There are soooo many great ideas here for having fun- that you really are going to thank me for posting, if you haven't been to this site before.
I was out today doing a few mystery shops as well as Christmas shopping.I'm not a big shopper. I actually hate shopping if I am aimlessly wandering. I like to know what I am going for, getting it, and getting out. I DO LOVE double coupon days though, but they happen only at our local drugstore and are few and far between-every 4-6 weeks I would guess.
I also spent some time baking today.I have a bake sale to bake 4 dozen items for, by next week. My daughter Erika is graduating next year, so the fund raising begins.Once that will be done, I will have to start thinking of my own ,Christmas baking.
If you have  Christmas recipes you would like to share, please feel free to post with links to your favorites.

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  1. Got to love the good old To-Do list. Gives your overloaded brain a break and helps you get lots more done!

    Found you on fff at MBC. Look forward to seeing you at my blog Organize Your Life Now

    Claire McFee

    Organize Your Life Organizers


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