Profits In Re-finishing Furniture

Thursday, November 19, 2009

If you or your partner are handy with woodworking projects, one way you might consider to bring money into the house is by re-finishing furniture: everything from baby furniture to bedroom sets.
You'll want to look for bargains or possibly items that people are just giving away.You can advertise that you are looking for giveaway furniture that just needs to be hauled away.Be careful before you do pick an item up that it's not badly broken and a waste of your time.
You'll be stripping, repainting,possibly changing knobs and modernizing.Once you are done, you can re-sell these items for more. You can also advertise that you will re-do furniture pieces that others may already have that need some TLC. It's a easy little business for you, but requires a bit of space.
In time your little business should grow and you'll find yourself quite busy.

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