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Sunday, November 15, 2009

I didn't get time yesterday to write as I wanted to on here. We had left for The Pas,Mb in the morning,( which is about an hour south of here)- I had some mystery shopping to do there so we made a day of it. One shop paid me quite well there as I was compensated above and beyond for my gas/mileage.Gerry and I also took Ria along,( my oldest daughter). I didn't buy much- a new bra, and a stop at Tim Horton's...besides the shops that I did.We had lunch at Burger King and I used  a free burger coupon there.
Once we got back home after supper, we stopped over at the grocery store and picked up a few things- stuff for slow cooker and some 50% off deals.I was quite surprized with some of the regular costs of the 50% off items.A Stouffers Skillet Sensations were regular priced at $8.19 a bag and McCains' Garlic Fingers were $6.89! Crazy, crazy! Gerry said even the 1/2 price amount was high for the Skillet Sensation- and I agreed, but we took it anyhow. When I told the cashier this was expensive at regular price, she said: "Oh, but it's got meat in it". I told her" yeah, but it's still high priced. " The bag is suppose to feed 2 people but Gerry can eat the whole bag himself!
Once we dropped Ria off at her place, we came home to relax, eat and for me to do my mystery shop reports.
I must run for now- laundry to get to. Ria does not have a washer or dryer at her place, and comes by on Sunday to do her 2 loads usually. I need to get mine looked after before she drops over.As well, being in The Pas yesterday, I didn't get to do my Saturday's full house clean and will have to do that today- along with a dozen other things...
Have a great day everyone!


  1. i love the premise of your blog! We are trying to stretch one income, very unsuccessfully. I look forward to following!

  2. Thanks Nicole- may I make a suggestion to read everything that is in the archives- and perhaps buy the book!
    You can do it!


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