Beat The Stay At Home Mom Blues

Friday, November 6, 2009

Screaming kids, never ending laundry, lack of sleep, a hot meal, what's that? Those along with many other perks that go along with being a stay at home mom, (yes that's sarcasm), can sometimes leave us feeling overwhelmed, moody; having the blues.

An issue that often comes up is not feeling appreciated as a stay at home mom. We don't get yearly reviews hearing about what a wonderful job we are doing; a paycheck isn't handed to us for our hard work. What we do get are hugs and kisses, hearing the words I love you or thanks mom. We get to be a kid again, finger paint in the afternoon. All of those perks make me smile and feel happy.

There are many ways to beat the stay at home mom blues. Finding time for yourself is a MUST! Bring out the crayons and coloring books, while they color, go into your room for some quiet, private time. If your child naps, close your eyes too for a while, or take a warm bath or shower. Put in a mid afternoon movie for them and pick up that book or magazine you can't seem to find time for.

Feel good about your choice to stay at home with your kids. Appreciate yourself for all the hard work you put into your job at home. Positive thinking and knowing what a wonderful job you are doing can help keep those blues away. Another way to beat the blues is to have interaction with other moms. Look into finding, or even starting, a group for stay at home moms. The computer is a great resource for researching for your area. Set up play dates, go to the park and start up a conversation with another mom. No one understands what a stay at home mom goes through like another stay at home mom.

Only you can beat the stay at home mom blues. If you really think about it, you have the best job in the world.

Author: Cori Sachais Swidorsky
Reside in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Work at home mom/stay at home mom. Owner of the Informing Women Newsletter and website Writes an advice column for a community newsletter, have an inspirational piece being published in Chicken Soup For The Recovering Soul, and have articles published on many work at home, home based business, tips and hints, and parenting websites.

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