Getting into the "Spirit of Christmas"- A List of Things to Do For the Holidays

Friday, November 27, 2009

We still have yet to decorate the inside of the house for Christmas- Gerry has had the outdoor lights strung since last month, when it was warmer. Around my neck of the woods, it gets cold fast, and you don't want to be hanging lights when it does.Alot of the neighbours have their lights turned on as well, I noticed this when I drove up the street the other evening. We'll leave ours till at least the 1st of December- along with the inside decorating as well.Although it's nice to have outdoor lights and such, I hate the thought of the extra $$ on the power bill to have them on any earlier than they have to be.

Are you getting into the spririt of Christmas yet ? I've listed a few things here to help you if your not quite yet-

-Watch Christmas movies-rent or borrow
-Do Christmas baking
-Send out ecards or snail mail cards,( the ones you get from charitable organizations, ones you make, or from last years Boxing Day  blowout).
-Drive the town/neighbourhoods, looking at Christmas lights.
-Attend Christmas service at the church of your choice-perhaps take an elderly neighbour or grandparent along
-Take the kids or a niece or nephew to see Santa, go for one of those "Skate with Santa" outings, photos with Santa, time with Santa.
-Make a gingerbread house
-Serve at a homeless shelter or help out at your local food bank
-Attend a local school Christmas concert, or perhaps a town's choir performance
-Have your children invite their friends over- make Christmas wrap and Christmas tags.

For more great ideas,101 of them, visit The Youth Online Club....lots of great ideas....or just add your own to the comments.

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