Ouch- That Hurt!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

After getting our hair done here at the house for a few years at least, our hairdresser has moved on to other things- such as nursing- and is no longer doing hair.
We used to get such great prices for our hair. A hair cut was $10 and a color was about $20.Now,Gerry goes to men's days on Wednesday's at the local salon and pays $15 plus for his haircut. Erika goes and gets hers done at another salon- and pays for her own hair. Today's hair coloring for me was $68. Ouch!
I used to do the box kits years ago, but my hair never seemed to be quite like I wanted it to be.I also don't cut hair. Kudoos to those that do their own hair and their family's.
My hair is normally quite dark, and then I had it on the blonder side- but today we darkened it a bit again.
My hairdresser said by darkening it this should mean less visits, before we see the roots coming in.
Do you do your own hair and family's hair or do you visit the salon?

Great ways to save on hair cuts/dyes
-do it yourself
-go to the local school beauty salon, ( which we don't have but used to)
-have a friend come in to your home - or maybe even barter for the service

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