Happy Thanksgiving to all My American Friends-and some Rambling

Thursday, November 26, 2009

As some of the regular followers know, I live in Canada, so we had our Thanksgiving in October, but I did want to wish each one of you a day of enjoying your families, being thankful and no doubt , plenty of great food. We've been getting our fair share over the past few days with our Santa's Choice packs that arrived.It's nice to have the bounty when the bank account is low.It's payday though tommorow, and so starts the cycle again, of the money in and money out.

I am looking at taking a course, possibly in child care. I am lucky enough to say that if I take a distance education course, I do have a sponser.This will simply mean that I can do the courses at home and someone else will foot the bill. It does pay to look into these things if you are planning on taking any courses or going back to school.I am looking at possibly doing home visits for families. There are still things I need to look at- like whether if I take the course with institute "A" would they reconize it as much as insitute "B", it's all in the planning stages for now.

I sent one of my books off to Google today as well- they have a Google Books thing where they will list your book within their pages and help authors out with promoting of their books and such.So, will see how that goes.

Gerry was away yesterday on business in the city, ( flew to Winnipeg,Manitoba), but is home tonight- will be nice to have him back.It was a good time to ramble- all quiet in the house. Erika is at work and it's just the pets and I.Time to feed my zoo,( dog and the 4 guinea pigs), though and put the dog out.

Once again, Happy Thanksgiving......

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