Beware of 50% off Stickers

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Mom and I made a trip out today to the supermarket- wanted to check out the Halloween sales. I never got a chance to look the other day when I was there. Never picked up any decorations and most candy was gone already, but we did end up getting some.I didn't have much left from Halloween and who can pass up a good sale on chocolate! I always like going through the 50% off bins too. Although, the supermarket is not like Walmart and doesn't have a price checker, so a person is unsure of the original price.I found this out the other day when we picked up a small can of barley soup for 50% off. The soup scaned at 1.99- meaning it was $3.99 regular. Gerry and I said that was alot for a small can of soup-even with the 50% off.So one never knows. The reduced price can end up costing you more than a sale price. You just have to watch.
I also remembered today that the assistant manager had told mom and I that the Halloween candy we got would be an additional 50% off at the till- and it dawned on me later, we should have said something at the till, becuase we didn't get the additional 50% off.. I just wasn't thinking.
Sometimes we get sidetracked at the grocery store- start talking, or packing our groceries and not watching the scanner. It can happen.
Has it happened to you?

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  1. Its is very easy to get sidetracked at the grocery store with a 13 month old baby!

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