7 Fathers Day Activities the Whole Family Can Enjoy Together

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Father’s Day can be a great occasion for the whole family to get

together and have some fun and enjoy doing some family bonding.

Whether you actually get together on Father’s Day or on the Saturday

before or another day within a week of the actual day, here are seven

great activities that the whole family can enjoy together.

1. Go fishing. Even if this is not something that you normally do, go

anyway. Many men love fishing and if the dad of your family is not a

big fan, you can find one of those fishing farms or somewhere where

you can fish without all the hassle or the need to buy your own


2. Take dad to an amusement park of some kind. Find one that has a

variety of rides so that the parents as well as the children will have


3. Go swimming. Aside from Memorial Day, Father’s Day is the next

holiday after the opening of many swimming pools. You can find a pool

that offers slides or other fun things if you have young children.

4. Get together and write letters to all the fathers in your life who

have made a difference. Even the father of your family can write

letters to his father, grandfather, uncle etc. This can not only be a

fun activity for the family but it can have a big impact on your

extended family.

5. Go on a hike. If you have young children, find a hike that is more

like a walk. Take your time and enjoy nature and even consider

learning about the trees, plants etc. that you find on the trail.

6. Have a barbeque. Consider inviting extended family and maybe even

other fathers in the neighborhood. If there are a lot of single moms

in your area, you may even want to invite them to come and bring their

kids, since Father’s Day is a hard time for them and they may enjoy

having something fun to do.

7. Have a beach party. If you live near a beach this is easy. However,

if the nearest beach is miles away, consider creating your own beach

party with inflatables or near a lake or similar body of water.

Take advantage of the Father’s Day holiday and do something you might

not otherwise do and get out and enjoy yourself and strengthen your

family’s bonds.

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