Review- The "New 'Atkins For You Diet

Sunday, June 6, 2010


I recently had the chance to read the new Atkins book: " The New Atkins for the New You", as well as try some of their bars and shakes.
I found the book worked on the principle of the way I like to eat, and that was to reduce sugar out of my diet.
The bars and shakes were tasty, although other family members had to eat the bars that were sweetened with malitol-syrup and lactitol, because of my food sensitivities.

Atkins Nutritionals, Inc., offers a powerful lifetime approach to weight loss and ongoing weight management. The Atkins Diet™, also known as the Atkins Nutritional Approach™, focuses on a healthy diet with reduced levels of sugar and other refined carbohydrates and encourages the consumption of adequate protein and good fats, along with high-fiber vegetables, fruits and other whole foods. Backed by research and consumer success stories, this approach allows the body to burn more fat and work more efficiently while moderating hunger and enhancing satisfaction and energy level.

Atkins products can be found throughout Canada at your local Supermarket or Pharmacy.

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