Today's Ramblings- My Summer Firsts

Monday, June 14, 2010

It's been very hot here over the last few days- not something us "northerns" are used to. I am still getting out in the day to do my daily walk before it gets too hot in the day.My sister was walking with me twice a day before it started getting hot, but now she doesn't want to head out in the sun. Gerry will sometimes, but I think I may be on my own for any hot summery days ahead.
I've had my first mosquito bite of the year this weekend- and ooh the itch.Gerry got a few veggies and flowers in, and we ran the air conditioner for the first time, yesterday.
Since I am always cold, I can go without it longer than Gerry can- at least during the day. We do sleep with it on in the evenings though as it gets quite muggy, and opening windows, I can't sleep. Too many noises- people, dogs, etc..
Hope your all enjoying your summer!


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