How to Straighten Your Kids Teeth Without Braces

Friday, June 25, 2010

While wire braces are the traditional method for straightening children’s teeth, they are not the only method available. In addition to investing in advanced clear braces for teeth, there are many other things that a parent can do to keep their child’s smile looking good. Developing excellent oral hygiene is absolutely necessary from an early age. Children who learn healthy oral habits are children whose teeth will certainly benefit in the long run.

Certain habits that should be avoided would include sucking thumbs and using teeth as tools. Teeth are easily damaged. The more your child sucks his or her thumb, the more likely the teeth will start to conform and grow crooked. The same is true if they develop a habit of opening things with their teeth. Pulling on teeth continually can influence the position of the teeth which will in turn lead to a need for straightening them eventually.

There are other less obvious habits that are not so easily avoided. Some children simply have a tendency to swallow food incorrectly along with breathing in from the mouth instead of the nose. By doing either of these two tasks incorrectly, children can negatively influence the development of their teeth and jaw structure. This can and will lead to crooked teeth. When the teeth and jaw structure has been developed incorrectly, it makes it so that the teeth are prone to being crooked, even after they have been straightened with traditional wire braces. That is why it is best to use more advanced methods that are designed to fix the issue at the root.

There are more advanced types of braces that do not use wires which can help children’s mouths to develop properly. These methods will make it so that teeth will not be as prone to going crooked again after treatment. Certain types of clear braces for teeth can better develop the arch of the mouth and create a wider smile which will help to correct the issue. Parents who look into options such as this for their children at a younger age will experience much faster success than if they wait for their child to fully develop. Indeed, there are several ways to straighten children’s teeth without using traditional wire braces.

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