Review: Kettle Foods chips

Saturday, June 26, 2010

I usually have to stay away from potato chips. I have many food sensitivities and potato chips is one of them. I know for sure the MSG is one of them, and I'm sure the type of oil they are fried in is another. Either way, I can't eat them.
Well, I recieved my Kettle brand chips from Kettle Foods, and I always like to at least try to eat the foods we get in to review. Alot have been organic so that is great- they usually keep things on the straight and even with me.
Well, I must say these kettle chips are to die for! They are soo good. Crunchy, tasty and I had no tummy problems with eating them at all.

They have a natural promise to you:

Absolutely nothing artificial

No trans fats

No preservatives

Non-GMO ingredients

Gluten free

They carry potato chips, kettle chips, baked chips,organic chips, tortilla chips, and nut butters.
Browse the flavors , shop online or join the Chip of the Month Club. Maybe you would just like to sample? Well, they have sampler packs for sale as well.
Trust me, if you don't like what's in regular potato chips, or can't eat them because of what's in them, you owe it to yourself
to try them.
Also visit their Crunch Proud site- the guy they have on there is a riot and they offer a chance to win, get a coupon and more!

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