My Baby is Gone

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Well, Erika left this morning, bright and early, on her way to Alberta, to take her-at least 2 year- accounting couse. She left with her boyfriend, who will also be going to school in Calgary.
This will be the first time on her own and without mom and Gerry there to help her out .
She did very well at the grad ceremony on Friday night- and it really was a beautiful night.She recieved over $1,000 in scholarships and bursaries, as well as made the honor roll for over 80%,( her average was quite close to making the 90% and over honor roll,). She put in a hard last year of alot of homework and assignments.
The car was packed as full as we could possibly get it today.
It will be about a 10-12 hour drive to her new home. Hopefully we will be able to get that way this summer. There has been some holiday "issues" at Gerry's workplace,so, even if it is a quick getaway, I will be happy with that.
She still has alot of stuff here that needs to go but her boyfriend's parents are suppose to be going for a visit in July and will take more things of hers down.
I'll miss her, but it is nice to have email- it makes those that are far from us, that much more closer.


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