How to Plan a Child's Birthday Party-on the Cheap

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

You want to give your child a really good birthday party but how do

you stop it costing a fortune? The price of the party really can get

out of hand, it’s best to keep a tight grip from the start.

Parents should remember that spending a fortune on a party does not

guarantee success; kids are not interested how much you have spent.

How many times have you bought the kids an expensive toy and they

ended up playing with the box! Children’s parties are just the same

price does not matter!

Get the kids involved in helping out – there is much fun to be had in

helping prepare food, outfits, party games and more!

1. Get an inexpensive location – the back garden or similar free place

is much cheaper than hiring a hall. Kids will probably prefer this


2. Invitations can be sent by email. Buying invitation cards is

expensive and bad for the environment. Send out as many by email or

even use Facebook.

3. Buy food in bulk – it does not need to be anything fancy and get

the kids to help in the preparation. Baking a cake instead of buying

one again will save money and lots of fun for the kids making it!

4. Buy a big bottle of juice and serve it in cups. Don’t buy the

expensive cans or cartons.

5. If you don’t have a camcorder, borrow one from a friend or get a

copy of the footage rather than buy one.

6. Party games ideas are all over the internet, no need to buy any

books! Search Google for ‘party games for kids’ and you should have

the information you need!

7. If you are doing fancy dress theme part then make your own outfit!

Again get the kids involved in this process.

8. Make a budget and stick to it! Write down everything you need and

price it up so you know what money you giving out. Planning this in

details gives you control over the budget and stop it getting out of

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