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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Our latch on our front gate just wasn't working too well- all rusted up and hard for anyone to get in and out,so I thought Gerry would buy a new latch . But his frugal midset set in. He switched the back gate around with the front one- which we use less of, but while in the back, did end up straightening the old one up.Cost-$0

We have had to spend money lately on grad stuff- as Erika will be grading on June 25th.
There was a cost towards the dress, her ring we got her her that she wanted, pictures, my dress,( I don't go out much and didn't have anything to wear), plus we found out supper tickets are $22 a plate! I know I only eat about $5 tops but I guess the money must also go towards the hall rental- I'm assuming anyhow.It's just always something and you seem to notice it adding up all the more when your a one income household.
Once Erika grads, she will be moving a few days later down to Calgary, Alberta to take Accounting- a 2 year course - or more if she decides to get a degree.
We are helping her out as much as we can but she also got a loan.With me not working, we possibly could not afford to pay for all her tuition. Her dad will pay some and we will as well.Her loan will help her with living expenses. She will be moving in with her boyfriend -so they will both split living expenses.

I find this pay period we are over on our budget- and running short, so will have to borrow from another source. Sometimes I get disappointed and feel like I didn't try hard enough to budget or cut enough corners, as I do manage the money.I think "what happened"? Why are we short this time?
 But this time we are. My sister has a hard time as well, but her boyfriend is paying child support on 3 kids and alimony, so alot comes off his cheques, leaving them with very little, and her not working, makes it tough.



  1. I love Frugal stories; and you know better for the environment too.. which is the most important aspect in being frugal most of the time. (hugs about the budgeting.. I fully comprehend-great that we can be resourceful)

    My 14 year old son has two windows in his room. One of the blinds were ruined and would not work anymore. I switched the good blinds one on the other window that he never opens the drapes. He did not need blinds on that window anyway. The drapes are heavy and protect from harsh sun or cold winter. But the other window he always opens the blinds in the day and shut at night for light.. it looks into the yard.. and a nice view.

    I felt happy to save the money on buying new blinds.

    Betty Ann

  2. Your quite resourceful.
    Do you just live with your son?

  3. My two oldest children 26 and 24 live in my downstairs apartment; they both graduated college 2 years ago at the same time; move out; and then came home. And my 14 year old son lives upstairs with me.

    I spent weeks recementing my front steps and trimming bushes.. to save $$ (but it was great exercise too). The steps did come a bit sloppy; but they are SOLID; they were going to totally collapse after the cold winter.. giant cracks and lost mortar..

    The thing is that I have to be home from work by 2Pm for my 14 year old son the last 8 years of being divorce.. so I can't work a regular job;... and I do mystery shopping to work in the field and home by 2PM each day. (so I have to save $$$ anyway I can; to not get a real job). I do spend about 35-40 hours workingMystery shopping between reports; travelling; and searching for new assignments.. but it does not pay as well as a REAL 9-5 Job..

    I'm just Grateful to cover my mortgage and BE HERE FOR MY SON.. until he is 18.

    I don't want him coming home to an empty home after school.

    The other two actually only work 4 days a week.. my older son got cut back a day because of the economy; and my daughter accountant job; could not afford her 5 days either.. (and they are paying off student loans etc.).. lol.. the reason why they came home; lower rent downstairs since they share the apartment too.

    I love that they are back but still on their own downstairs.. but honestly I was getting better rent from a tenant... thus my doing more stuff myself to save. (but I enjoy the challenge of fixing things).

    Great about the Latch again.. nite.

  4. Thanks for sharing- and it's nice that you have the kids there with you.
    You sound like you are doing a great job- I know it's not easy being a single mom. I was there before- did it for about 2 years at least before Gerry came along.Had little child support and no alimony,( long story).I ended up going bankrupt because of it as well, so still have that on my credit for another few years.

  5. Love that you found a way to get the latch fixed and not spend any money. Love that feeling. Congratulations on your daughters graduation!

  6. We try- sometimes we are careless though or give in to things we maybe shouldn't- like the odd time we hit the casino, or Gerry's regular lotto ticket buying.Not perfect. We slip and then we try again.


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