Monday, July 18, 2011

Another Day of Renos

Today Gerry removed the older patio/garden doors from Erika's room and replaced them with a window and a wall. The reason for doing this was because the garden doors no longer sealed.In the winter time, they causes heat to escape. Cost of the replacement window was $300 plus drywall. Labour is free as Gerry does his own work. Siding for that outside wall, he had saved from 8 years back from another project. Savings of $80
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Ms Hen said...

Wow.. good you married a handy man!! What savings..

Enjoy the extra warm home this upcoming winter; after last winter this is a big must I'm sure.

Monique said...

we are actually getting married this late Fall but have been together for 5 years..
Yes, it should help with the heating bill for that room as well.

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