Embracing a Gluten Free Diet

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

It seems it is becoming more common for people to have food allergies. The severity of gluten allergies seem to vary from extreme to mild. Some people encounter major stomach complications while others suffer from a skin rash. Perhaps, these allergies have always been around and we are just hearing about them more now then before, or doctors are wising up to what makes us sick. Either way major food companies are making efforts to produce more gluten free products. Several cereals are boasting that they are gluten free, and rice noodles are making it big. With such healthy options on the market it is easier than ever to eat gluten free. In fact, companies are even producing mouth watering desserts that offer a healthy option to fatty flour enriched cakes.

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-Pizza Ranch-Gluten Free menu items as well, Pizza Ranch has also launched several new menu items, including their savory Sweet Chili Pizza and Mandarin Salad.

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