Renovating Again

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Just wanted to share some pictures of our home once again.
What once was just a wall from the outside, is now going to become a door onto our back deck.On the inside there was a storage closet, where Gerry is standing in the picture.
We currently have unusable patio doors in Erika's room that used to get us out onto the deck. In a few days, Gerry will be getting rid of those as well and replacing the doors with a smaller window.
I had to get him to hang up a sheet of plastic on the inside as we were getting bugs in here and I HATE bugs in my house.

I'll keep you all updated with photos as we are doing some updating with the deck as well.


  1. Great to have a way out.. !! and great your husband is so good at this.

  2. Yes- hubby to be.It's just that he's doing all these renos and it's so hot here now that he's been sweating buckets!


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