The Cost of Using The Dump

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Gerry has been spending the last few days tearing down a few of his wood sheds and is making them into one.Well,at the dump today, he was told that since he had "renovation materials", he had to pay $25 for each truck load he was bringing in. ( He ended up taking two loads of wood.) He was surprised by this and so was I.We have never have to pay anything to bring garbage to the dump.He was asked for his name and mailing address so a bill could be sent to us. Unreal we both thought.Do you pay at your dump if you bring garbage there- such as wood,or metals?

We have garbage pick up at the house once a week but that is a separate bill. We pay $49.50 once a month for our water and garbage pick up.What are you paying?


  1. For garbage we pay $1.50 per bag and it cannot be very heavy. For water we pay around $60.00 each month for useage and sewer outage.
    I live in Woodstock, Ontario.

    cenya2 at hotmail dot com

  2. Ou dump has a $5 charge for anyone, no matter what you bring. We try to use it sparingly, but we're renovating our basement. $25 seems pretty pricey!

  3. Oh I was going to say too, it might be cheaper or same cost for you just to rent a big dumpster instead of adding the cost of gas to all those trips as well!

  4. He's done now- it was only those two loads.Actually he had his small truck box he filled and his trailer behind it, but they considered that one truck load. If he didn't have the trailer, it would have ended up being 4 loads. No place here to rent dumpsters. We're small town.

  5. I grew up in Arkansas and remember anytime my parents were hauling a truckload of reno type stuff they had to pay(not sure how much way back when). Also I lived in Louisville KY for a while and when the reno from a bath redo (tile/wood/etc) was hauled away they had to pay too.

  6. We pay for renovation garbage per load too - I'm not sure on the price though since we've never had any go.

    We do not pay a monthly fee for our dump - its included in our Rural Municiaplity taxes. We also don't have water since we have our own private well.

  7. Gerry says it sounds like we're not the only ones having to pay.


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