Tuesday -July 5

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

We found out today that Erika is no longer covered under Gerry's and her step mom's dental plan for capping her teeth.It's because she's over 18 now. Erika was born with epidermalysis bullosa and has no enamel on her teeth.The teeth have to be protected or they will start crumbling away. With both plans, over the years up to her 18th birthday, we were able to get the top row all capped.There is a difference as well. The capped ones are white and hers, with no enamel are yellowed.You can imagine what that is like for any child to go through.Kids have been cruel in the past.

There are 16 teeth remaining on the bottom and each costs $895 to cap.It's simply highway robbery.I'm thinking of starting another fund as I do for emergencies/home renos and Christmas, just to save to have a tooth done for her.If anyone knows of any organizations however that one can apply for help, please do let me know.

On another note, Cadbury has it's Key to the Secret contest again this year with it's Caramilk bars(Canada). Find one of the ten keys and you can win a grand prize of $250,000 or one of the finalist prizes consisting of Cadbury bars and cash! I just checked the site and so far no keys have been found.So needless to say, I've been buying the bars in hopes of finding a key!

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