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Saturday, November 6, 2010

When it comes to online shopping, all days are not created equal. While the prices that are available in-store are usually fairly consistent unless dealing with special events, restocks or holidays, Internet stores have a much shorter cycle. Working on a weekly basis, the cost of items can go up and down by the day, not the occasion.

Recently, some data was compiled by a CBS correspondent named Famoosh Torabi. He managed to get an inside look into the inner workings of the online shopping industry, and his findings confirmed what many consumers don't know: that some items are cheaper on some days, often significantly. So, when you are thinking of getting a little shopping done, follow by the handy guide below to find out how to cut your costs, sometimes by as much as half or more.

Mondays: Luxury days!

A great day for anyone who is looking for more luxury-based apparel, this is an especially good time to find average discounts of 48% on both men's and women's dress pants. You can also find sales on sunglasses for as much as 55% off, including on those more expensive brands.

Tuesdays: Needing a new suit?

Maybe you just want something to bulk up your casual wardrobe? Men's apparel is always cheap on Tuesdays, with discounts of 42% commonly being found.

Computers, laptops and computer accessories are more things you can buy on the cheap on Tuesdays. With a good Dell coupon code, you can score up to 30% on that geekery.

Wednesdays: Shoe lovers pay attention!

Wednesdays can give you up to 38% off at most stores, so it is a great day to get that cute pair of strappy sandals or a new pair of boots. Need something for the kids? How about a 40% off deal on their clothes, as well?

Thursdays: A new purse is on the agenda for today.

Data has shown that you can often find 36% off of name brands all over the web.

Fridays: The perfect day for accessory shopping, such as belts and hats.

But it is especially great for looking at jewelry, and with as much as 42% being taken off of original retail prices it is a fantastic time to look at those big purchases.

Saturdays: intimates!

Skip checking out the lingerie stores and instead look online for your intimates. Saturdays bring 37% average savings on everything that goes under the clothes. But it also takes care of what goes over them, with as much as an incredible 51% off of outerwear like coats and jackets.

Sundays: Make your week complete with a little bit of new swimwear. At 52% off, you can't go wrong!

Being a smart shopper means doing more than just comparing. It is about learning the tricks that come from inside the industry itself, and taking advantage of what you learn. This list should give you a pretty good idea of how to save some cash next time you are online looking for a bargain.

This is a guest post by Jessy Troy who blogs on DIY gadgets.

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  1. This is really interesting. I had no idea that one day was any better for shopping online. I will definitely keep this in mind!


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