How To Save Money On Your Phone Bill

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

How can you save on your phone bill?

This is a guest post by Andreas @ Personal Finance 4 All

For some people phone bills can be a big problem, especially if you have family and friends all over, so surely there must be some ways that you can get your phone bill cheaper? Well here are my recommendations...

Get Skype

I have family all over, in Cyprus, Australia, Canada and throughout the UK, and I used to call them up all the time, and it cost me an absolute fortune to say the least. I then downloaded Skype, and it's an incredible money saver. All you need is a free Skype account and an internet connection and you can contact anyone anywhere in the world for free.

You can use Skype to either send messages, like an e-mail, or you can call them, and that includes video calling if you have a webcam. There are many programs on the market that are similar to Skype at the moment, but in my opinion Skype is by far the best that I've used.

Compare the cost of your bill

In recent years we've seen all sorts of shopping and comparison sites, from music and utilities all the way to gift experiences, but now there are sites where you can compare landline and cell phone plans. However, if saving money is your aim, then my opinion is that you can get a better deal on a cell phone than you can on a landline, but that might be just my opinion.

To compare cell phone plans, there's some great websites, I recently had a look at which is aimed at the US market, and they have a really good tool on their site. You can simply enter who your current provider is and how much you currently pay, and they will try and find a better deal for you, give them a try.


Haggling is one of those things that if done correctly, can save you a lot of money, but many people don't like doing it. I say go for it, end of the day it's your money and if you get a good deal, you'll be the one who reaps the rewards. When you next speak to your cell phone or land line provider, tell them you aren't happy with the amount you are currently paying, and you may be surprised with the options they give you.

Here's a few more phone bill money saving tips:

  • Combine your phone bill with your internet, getting both from the same provider can save you a lot of money
  • Avoid premium telephone numbers as much as you can
  • Do your research! - Have a search online to see what options are available to you

I hope these tips have helped you save money on your phone bill, and if you have any other recommendations I'd love to read them in the comments section.

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